All New Jobs Now Default To Spintax Format

Today we have streamlined the job submission process to default to the spintax option when submitting new jobs. Previously you had two options (it would default to no spinning) and you’d have to manually click the spintax button to submit a job that had spintax in it.

This was actually a little awkward because if you submitted a regular job you could not later go back and add spintax to it due to the way in which the job types were stored in our database. However a spintax-ready job doesn’t actually need to contain spintax in it meaning that it can support regular jobs as well. So we simply decided to get rid of the two options and just default to spintax!

A Spintax Recap

Spintax is a method of creating multiple versions of your text that mean the same thing but use different words. For example:

IMAutomator is the {easiest|quickest|most user friendly} {social bookmarking|link building} software {around|available|on the market} today!

The phrase above has three spintax clauses {|}, a 3-word clause, a 2-word clause and a final 3-word clause. This means that this particular sentence can be combined in 3x2x3 ways which is a total of 18 different combinations.

When you use spintax in the text fields of your jobs, IMAutomator will automatically generate all the different versions for each individual field and then rotate around them for each of the individual site submissions.

Why Use Spintax?

The idea of spun content first came about a few years ago when article submission was popular as Google started to get more sophisticated it could recognise that multiple articles contained the same text and it would choose to show only a handful of results on the search page and add a message that additional similar results had been hidden. By creatively spinning your text in this way you can create a huge number of unique versions of your text so that it doesn’t get caught by this ‘duplicate content’ filter.

Spintax has become even more important since the Penguin update of 2012. In that update Google began to penalise websites that had ‘over-optimized’ anchor text and it is now recommended that you vary your anchor text as much as possible and only use your primary keywords for about 5% of your backlinks.

When using social bookmarks for backlinks, the title of the bookmark is the anchor text. If you blast out 50+ bookmarks using the exact same title Google is going to pick that up. So make sure you add some spintax to the title field especially to avoid this problem!

Spintax Too Time Consuming?

Creating spintax content is not difficult but it can be time consuming. If you want to create it more quickly, I can recommend The Best Spinner (aff link) which allows you to quickly create spintax clauses from their massive dictionary. It even has a fully automated option which will spin your entire text at the click of a button!


One thought on “All New Jobs Now Default To Spintax Format

  1. James Reilly

    I used to use software to spin my articles i had, but after a bit i started to spin {my articles|them} as i was reading them. I know doing it manually is {a drag|slow} and a pain, but i find i can get better {results|quality} once i’ve written and gone over it.

    I don’t disapprove of software I use it lots, but I prefer now to manually spin.



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