Just what are you trying to build links to?

I had the pleasure of attending the Content Marketing Show in London last Friday and took away a ton of useful information. Now as users of IMAutomator, you’re all here because you’re interesting in link building. But one thing this show got me thinking about, was what kind of content are you trying to build links to?

Content is King – Again

A few years ago the catchphrase ‘content is king’ was very popular in the SEO community, then it started to fade out somewhat and I saw alternatives such as ‘backlinks are king’. In the last year or so Google has been making a lot of changes to their algorithm and they are now making a bigger push than ever towards high quality content.

Using a service such as IMAutomator lets you build lots of links extremely easily and one danger of that is that it can encourage the creation of poor quality links. That tendency should now be greatly lessened by our new usage-based membership system that we are implementing but still the temptation is there and of course there are many other ways of building lots of links very quickly.

Building lots of links to low quality content is no longer going to provide much benefit with Google. Yes Matt Cutts has said that links are not going away anytime soon, but they are far more concerned now with the content behind those links. I’m not going to go into detail about what constitutes good content, but I will give one guideline – it should provide some kind of value to the consumer.

Tweak your content, THEN build links to it

Another danger with a service like ours if you have an established site is that it can be very tempting to just use the social bookmark submitter to systematically go through every single page of your site and submit it. But have you taken any time to look at the actual pages you’re submitting? Are they of any value or are you simply looking at each individual URL as a source of another 40-50 backlinks for your domain?

Another hot topic from the show was the idea of making content shareable through social media – getting people to like it on Facebook, tweet it on Twitter, pin it on Pinterest and so on. When you are trying to create content that you want people to share, it has to be exceptionally good. People simply do not share average content. However, when it comes to link building, more content = more opportunities for links when you distribute that content widely and so this leads us into the trap of trying to create more content just to be able to get more links which is a mistake.

If your site is full of low quality content and the only backlinks are coming from a single source such as social bookmarks and nothing is being shared socially, nobody else is linking to it, nobody is commenting on it then Google is going to view that content as inferior, despite the backlinks! Links are only one measure of authority and if you build tons of them to poor quality content, it is not going to do your rankings very much good.

If you have an established site with a lot of old content that you want to build links to, spend some time tweaking it first before you build those links. Make sure it adds some value to the consumer, make sure you have crafted your titles and copy to both entice the readers in and also to provide SEO benefit. Do the simple stuff such as running it through a spell checker, maybe even add an image or two (I should take my own advice on this one!) and so on. In short – make the content better. Then build backlinks.

So next time you come to IMAutomator (or anywhere else for that matter) to submit some content to get links, ask yourself the question – “is this content any good?”



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