Job Sorting Added to Job Lists

Another new feature has been added today – the ability to sort the jobs in the jobs list for each job type. At the same time, we have also removed the button which was marked ‘Completed’ – all jobs are now contained in a single list as with the job resubmission code, the idea of ‘job completion’ no longer makes sense.

At first glance the lists will look the same as before as by default they will be sorted in descending order of Job ID – so your latest submitted jobs appear at the top. But now you may click on any of the columns to sort by that column.

So for example, an interesting one to try it to sort by the SA column which is the number of submissions available. The first time you click a column it will sort into a ascending order. Click a second time on the SA column to sort it in descending order and you’ll see your older jobs at the top of the list. Large numbers in this column means that you can now re-submit this job to pick up all those extra backlinks!

Your current sort setting is saved as you navigate around the site. So if you sort by the title column in ascending order on the Bookmarks list and then click onto the Articles page, those will also be sorted by title in ascending order. However, this reverts to the default the next time you login.

The pagination is currently the same. 20 jobs are displayed at a time per page. We may later add the ability to select different numbers here.

We still want to add a filter function to allow you to search your title & description fields but that is not likely to be before the July 1st release.

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