Job Resubmission is Live!

Today we have released a major new feature – Job Resubmission which replaces our Secondary Submissions tool which was available to Pro members only. This new job resubmission code is available to ALL members.

How to resubmit your jobs

1) From the list of jobs, click on the ID number of the job you would like to resubmit. This can be a current job which is still in progress or any job which is listed under the ‘completed’ tab. This will load the job details screen for that job.

2) As well as the details of the job (which you can still edit as before) you’ll also find a site section section just like when submitting a new job. The only difference is that only sites that have not been submitted for this job appear. If you try it on your latest jobs you will have very few sites available or maybe none at all. However, try it on your older jobs and you could have a lot of sites available – maybe even all of them if the job was submitted a long time ago!

3) Select any sites you’d like to submit to and click the preview button.

4) Review the details of the job and click the re-submit button.

5) You’ll now see that the counts of remaining and available submissions have been modified accordingly.

Some improvements still to come

This is the first version of this particular piece of functionality and there are several improvements that we are going to make for it but we may not have time to do them before the launch of the new membership system if we are to hit the July 1st date. These are as follows:

1) Resubmission for failures – currently you can only select sites that have never been selected for this job. What we will also add later is the ability to also select sites which have previously been selected but which failed. These would be clearly marked so you could ignore them if you wish.

2) Stricter constraints on selectable sites – for articles and RSS feeds not all sites are suitable for every job. For article sites, there is a minimum word requirement so if your article is only 300 words then you don’t want to submit that to a site that requires 400. Similarly for RSS directories, some of them are actually blog directories and require that the submitted site be an actual blog. Currently these sites are clearly marked but you can still select them. We will make these un-selectable in a future update.

3) Searchable and sortable job lists – right now you have to hunt through your old jobs to resubmit them and this is cumbersome as we list them just in pages of 20 with no mechanism to filter them or sort them. We want to add a better interface for the job lists and we were hoping to get it in before the July 1st release but it may have to wait until afterwards.

Some additional notes to be aware of

1) We ran a script a while back to calculate the counts for the number of remaining and available submissions for all jobs in the database. The number of sites that shows as available does not take into accounts the constraints mentioned above. So for example, if you have just submitted a 400 word article and selected all sites that showed up, it would still show some sites as being available which are the 500 word and 600 word directories but they will not show up when you click the job details. Hopefully we can fix that in the future.

2) You can resubmit a job at any time. You do not have to wait for the job to complete in order to resubmit it with new sites. In fact the whole idea of job ‘completion’ no longer makes sense. We will keep the ‘in progress’ and ‘completed’ lists there for the time being but once the searching and sorting are available it will be removed and there will be just one master list of jobs for all job types.

3) When you resubmit a job, a schedule is created for the new sites you have selected. This schedule will begin from today – it is not appended to the previous schedule.

4) Also in this update we have made all RSS sites into credit sites. This now works like Directory sites – you will now have to choose at least one site when submitting a new job and no submissions will be made automatically. The next stage will be to convert article sites but we will hold off as long as possible when doing the bookmark sites as that is what most people use.

5) This functionality replaces the Secondary Submissions tool. For those pro members that used it – all of your scheduled submissions are still scheduled and will still be submitted as normal but you will no longer be able to access the tool itself. This new feature is far more flexible than the secondary submissions tool – you can choose any jobs as you like, whenever you like and you can choose precisely what sites you want to use.

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