Job Resubmission code working on test system

Our job submission code is now done! This is a major step forward as it allows members to go back and re-submit any of their existing jobs to any new sites at any time thus ensuring a constant stream of new backlinks for your content. The code is not live yet; we’re going to do a little more testing and then upload it to the live servers tomorrow so you guys can get your hands on it.

This is the job details screen. Like before you can edit the details of the job such as the title, description etc and you can also delete the job if you wish but now you also have a site selection section but instead of showing all sites it just shows the ones that have not yet been selected for this job.

Once you hit the Preview & Re-Submit button it will take you to the preview screen as before and then you can submit from there. This will create a new submission schedule for any new sites you have selected but these will be from today just as if you were submitting a new job – they do not continue from the end of the existing schedule.

Also note that you don’t have to wait for the existing submissions to complete before scheduling new ones; you can re-submit as often as you like.

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