IMAutomator Still Operational After 8 Years Whilst Others Fold

We heard recently that a popular competitor Bookmarking Demon, and the other products in their range such as Ultimate Demon will be closing their doors at the end of this month. Interesting!

Whilst the demand for social bookmarking has certainly declined over the years, and it is used differently now to how it would have been in 2009 when we first launched IMAutomator, we still provide the same fully automated service that we always have, and we have no plans to change that in the future.

A few years ago we removed the RSS and Article submission services and now we focus only on Social Bookmarking sites as this has always been by far the most popular tool.

We still monitor all submissions and we regularly remove dead sites and replace them with new ones. We stopped updating the blog and the Facebook page with these updates as hardly anybody read them and they weren’t particularly useful but perhaps we will start again with some kind of updates just to show that yes we’re still very much alive 🙂

In the meantime, you can always check our list of supported sites at any time. This page is generated from our live database and is always up to date.

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