IMAutomator Pro version now closed to new members

… and never to be opened again!

Now that we have finalised the details of our new membership system, it is time for us to implement it. We feel that it would not be fair to accept new Pro members during this time when the system they pay for is about to change radically.

For existing Pro members, we have been giving submission credits free for many months now so once the new system goes live, you should have plenty of credits to play with. All current members – both Light and Free will be automatically transferred to the new system but I’ll post the details on that nearer the time.

Whats coming up next?

We have several things that we need to do during the transition:

  • Implement the new Job Resubmission code which will replace the Secondary Submissions tool
  • Add more and better sites to each of the tools, and get rid of any PR0 sites
  • Get rid of daily submission limits
  • Get rid of restrictions for Light members
  • Get rid of all references to the old Light and Pro memberships
  • Prepare the new membership plans
  • Implement the system to allow credit packages to be bought
  • Convert all sites over to the new credit system

It’s actually a pretty big change and I’m sure we are going to hit some bugs along the way so apologies in advance for the disruption! We will be posting details of everything we’re doing here on this blog and also on our Facebook page.

We are aiming for a launch date of July 1st but we’ll know nearer the time if we will actually be able to hit it or not!

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