Directory Site Revamp

It’s been a while since we did any work with the Directory sites as almost all of them require payment, a forced reciprocal link (the link is crawled upon submission and will immediately fail if not found) or a CAPTCHA. Now that we have the means to resolve the later, we can start adding more sites.

In today’s update we have removed a few non-working sites, added a bunch of new ones and converted all existing sites to credit sites to give a new total of 25 sites. We will be repeating this across all tools as we migrate towards our new credit-based membership system. With this change we also have again increased the monthly credit allocation for Pro members – now at 2,100 credits. This will take effect from tomorrow.

There is a subtle change to Directory submission with this update. Because we have converted ALL sites to the new credit system, we have changed the wording on the submission form to read “Choose sites to submit to”, instead of “Choose additional sites to submit to” and if you do not choose any, you’ll see an error message stating that you need to choose at least 1 site.

Right now, this only affects Directory submission but as we move towards the full credit system this change will be migrated to all the other tools.

Most of the new sites we added today are PR4. There are still lots more we can add but we’re going to come back to them later as we want to get started with our work on revamping the job re-submission system which I shall blog about separately once the first changes have been made.

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