Credit System Fully Implemented & Credits Purchasable, All Limits Removed

The new membership system launch is almost upon us! We are on target to launch 6 new membership plans next Monday July 1st but in the meantime we are preparing the system to work with the new credit system that we started implementing some months ago.

We have now completed the transition and today’s update is a big one with some major changes:

All Sites are Credit Sites

Previously we had a mixture of regular sites that were always selected on every submission and credit sites that could be selected as optional extras on any given job. Now all sites in the system are credit sites which means that we have migrated to a fully usage-based system. Your monthly membership free buys a number of monthly credits and you are then choose to spend those credits how you wish.

There is one improvement we need to make in this area. In the credit site selection area of the submission forms we use a colour coding system to indicate if certain sites have restrictions on them. For example the article sites have a minimum word requirement so it will show you which sites need 400, 500 or 600 words. However, the form doesn’t actually prevent you from making unsuitable selections – the job will just fail later. We will put in these restrictions later.

Credit Packs are Purchasable

If you run low on credits and want to submit something before your next payment date you can also purchase credit packs on an ad-hoc basis. These are more expensive than the credits that will be allocated with the monthly membership plans but they are allocated immediately. These packs are also available to free members meaning you can now use your free IMAutomator account as a pay-as-you-go account, and simply purchase credits as and when you need them.

The following packs are available (from the members page but I have provided links for convenience here)

These links will take you directly to a paypal payment page. Please do not close your browser or press the back button or the credits will not be allocated to your account!

All Light Member Restrictions Lifted

Previously, Light members only had access to the Social Bookmark submitter and for each job a maximum of 15 submissions would be made. Both of these restrictions have now been lifted so in essence the only difference now between the current Light and Pro memberships are the number of credits allocated per month. Also, all Light members have been allocated 50 free credits so you can have a play with the new tools straight away 🙂

Monthly Credits Increased

Light members will now receive 100 credits per month and Pro members 2,500. This will take effect from the next payment on your account.

Daily Submission Limits Removed

Previously we had limits set on the number of jobs you could submit of a given type per day. So for example Light members could only submit 10 bookmarks per day. This restriction has now been lifted and you can submit as much as you like, so long as you have credits available.

What’s Next?

So for all existing members you are now operating on the new system but within our old membership systems. The big feature that is coming on Monday is 6 brand new membership plans ranging from $5 to $500 a month to suit all budgets and requirements.

Please let us know if you have any questions about the new system or notice any problems.

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