Credit Prices Reduced 20-66% Across ALL Plans & Packs!

Following our last post, we have done a careful review of our entire pricing system, the activity level of the members, our costs (Captcha costs in particular), and feedback from members and we have come to the conclusion that when we launched our new membership system on the 1st July, we simply set the prices too high – particularly in the lower priced products for lower volume members.

So we’ve reduced them – a LOT! 

Brand New $12 Plan Introduced

The Level 1 plan in particular was not working as we’d hoped. We wanted to allow people to test out the tools at minimal cost but the 100 credits provided were simply not enough. If you click the ‘Select All’ button on the Bookmark submitter today the credit cost will be 138 credits as we now have so many high PR sites. Many members do just this, rather than picking and choosing individual sites.

So we have introduced a new $12 plan which provides 400 credits per month, at a credit price of $3.00 per 100 credits which is 66.67% cheaper than our old $5 plan which was $5 for 100 credits. 400 credits should be enough for a few full bookmark submissions or many more if fewer sites are selected.

The existing Level 1 plan is renamed Level 1a, and the new plan is the new Level 1 and available to new members. Existing members of Level 1a can stay as they are or upgrade to the new Level 1 (or of course any other plan!) and the old subscription will be cancelled for you.

I want to be very clear on this point – existing members on the current $5.00 Level 1 plan will not be automatically migrated to the $12 plan! However we have also reduced the credit price of the existing plan to $4.00 per 100 credits (previously $5.00) so this now provides 125 credits instead of 100.

Credit Prices Reduced 20-37% On All Existing Plans

Here is the breakdown of the new prices for all the plans:

  • Level 1a – $5 per month, $4.00 per 100 credits, 125 credits per month (only available to existing members) – 20% Reduction
  • Level 1 – $12 per month, $3.00 per 100 credits, 400 credits per month – 66.67% Reduction
  • Level 2 – $25 per month, $2.50 per 100 credits, 1,000 credits per month – 37.50% Reduction
  • Level 3 – $50 per month, $1.60 per 100 credits, 3,125 credits per month – 20% Reduction
  • Level 4 – $100 per month, $1.25 per 100 credits, 8,000 credits per month – 21.88% Reduction
  • Level 5 – $250 per month, $1.00 per 100 credits, 25,000 credits per month – 20% Reduction
  • Level 6 – $500 per month, $0.80 per 100 credits, 62,500 credits per month – 20% Reduction

We’ve really concentrated on the first two plans – they were priced MUCH higher than level 3 and this was unfair to those who simply do not have as much to submit. What we have done is to increase the credit allocation rather than the pack price as we cannot actually make a change to an existing subscription (Paypal does not allow that) so now you will find that your subscription simply buys more credits than before.

New Credits Allocated From Next Payment

This change takes effect immediately but credits are allocated only when the payment comes through. Your credit allocation on the members screen will display the new value and you will be awarded that new value when your next payment comes through and from then onwards.

Credit Packs Also Reduced 25-66%!

We have also made corresponding changes to the credits packs. The monthly plans are still better value than the packs but for those who prefer to buy packs as and when they need them rather than commit to a monthly fee, here are the new prices:

  • Pack 1 – $12, 300 Credits, $4.00 per 100 credits – 50% Reduction
  • Pack 2 – $30, 1,000 Credits, $3.00 per 100 credits, 66.7% Reduction
  • Pack 3 – $50, 2,500 Credits, $2.00 per 100 credits, 25% Reduction
  • Pack 4 – $100, 6,250 Credits, $1.60 per 100 credits, 25% Reduction

If you have bought a pack since August 1st at the old credit prices, feel free to email us with your username and we will allocate you the extra credits as we know how annoying it can be to buy something and then find it reduced / better value the next day!

We are committed to providing the best value possible (whilst still making a profit of course!) and we will continue to review our costings on an on-going basis.


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