Credit Codes: Free credits for all members!

We have implemented a small new feature called Credit Codes to make it easier for us to give away free credits, which we like to do 🙂 You will find this on the Members page when you first login to IMAutomator.

How to enter credit codes

Scroll down a bit, to the ‘Submission Credits’ section and in there you will find a box where you may enter a credit code. This box is cunningly labelled ‘Enter a Credit Code’. Paste your code in the box and hit the submit button. After your code is accepted you can click the Members icon at the top of the site to go back to the Members page.

Your credit balance will have been updated with the credit value of the code (they vary) and it will also show up in the credit transaction report that you may also generate from this page to see a history of all credits going in and out of your account.

Your first free code!

Well here you go…. TS4EXT6ZANYH This code is worth 25 credits and also has an expiry date (most do not). It expires on December 31st 2013.

Free codes in EVERY email

We will be giving codes away all over the place – on our Facebook page, possibly Twitter (though we don’t really use our Twitter account), in blog posts like this one but most importantly – in EVERY email that we send out. When you sign up to the IMAutomator system we send out a series of tips emails approximately once per week and we also send out the occasional newsletter.

Email can be annoying; there’s too much of it these days and frankly, nobody has much time to read many emails so we want to provide a little incentive… Today we have modified all of those emails and have hidden a credit code in every one of them! This is just a little bit of fun and also a thank you for taking the time to read our correspondence which we hope you also find helpful and informative! We shall continue to do this for all emails we send out in the future!

Enjoy the free credits 🙂

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