Article & RSS Submission Tools To Be Phased Out Next Month

A little while ago we blogged about allowing our Article & RSS submitter tools to wind down naturally, stating that we would continue to monitor the submissions, removing any sites that stopped working but would not be adding any new sites.

The time has now come where we feel that the current offering does not provide enough benefit to continue. Currently, we have 14 RSS directories and only 10 Article directories. There are a few of you that still use these tools but the amount now is so tiny that it is time to remove them.

Phasing Out In Several Steps

What we will do is remove the tools in several steps:

 Step 1: Disallow new submissions

We will begin simply by removing the functionality to add new jobs to these tools. The actual tools pages will still remain in the system so you can continue to check on the progress of your existing jobs. At this time we will also remove mention of the tools from our sales page, training pages and so on.

We will do this next week on Thursday 27th February 2014 so if you do wish to use those tools, do so within the next few days.

Step 2: Wait for current jobs to finish

We will monitor existing jobs for these tools and will wait until every last submission has been processed before taking any further action. Due to our drip-feed functionality we expect this to take several weeks. Once all the jobs have been processed will will notify members so that you can take once last look at your jobs before we take down the tools entirely.

Step 3: Remove the tools altogether

After all jobs have been completed and members have had enough time to check over them (probably about a week) we will take the tools down entirely. The information about past jobs will no longer be available from our site and we will remove all references to them.

What’s Next?

Going forwards we are going to be focusing heavily on the social bookmarking tool which has always been the most popular. We have recently written some back end tools that allow us to incorporate new sites into the system a little quicker than before so we’re really hoping to increase the number of sites available.

So far this week we have added 8 new sites though sadly we have had to remove some as well. It is always an on-going effort to get the sites list fresh!

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