Article & RSS Submission Tools Now Removed

The last few remaining submissions for RSS feed & Article jobs finished over the weekend and today we have shut down both tools and removed the data associated with them. Thank you very much to everyone who used them over the past few years!

Our focus now is the Social Bookmark submitter which has always been our most popular tool. As of today we’re up to 59 sites and we’re continuing to push that number. It’s actually been quite a while since we even hit 50 bookmark sites so we’re pleased with that. Being able to concentrate on that one tool has helped and we have also been developing some internal tools which has given us access to fresh new sites on a daily basis so we should always have new sites to add as long as they are being built.

Don’t forget that every time we add new sites, those sites are available to all of your existing jobs – you just click the job ID number to edit it and any new sites that have been added since your last submission, along with sites you didn’t select or sites that had previously failed, are now available for submission. Select them just as you would for a new job and re-submit the job to these new sites.

In the jobs list there is a column marked ‘SA’ which is ‘Submissions Available’. This shows how many sites are available for submission for each job. By re-submitting your existing jobs to new sites as they get added to the system you can have a steady stream of fresh links coming in to your content.

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