Are Membership Levels 1 & 2 Too Expensive?

It’s been just over a month now since the launch of our new membership plans and credit packs and its been interesting to see the response. One big surprise was the popularity of the credit packs. They were added almost as an afterthought at the very last moment but have been selling well.

Looking at the sales of both the plans and the packs, and from feedback from customers, we’re thinking of reducing the cost of the credits in the level 1& level 2 plans, and in the first 2 credit packs.

Our first paid version was the Pro version and this was $49.95 and the only plan available for a very long time – it is what we consider to be our ‘baseline’ plan. When we introduced the credit system we carefully analysed the activity of existing members and priced the credits such that those on the $50 plan would be able to submit as much or more than they had been on the Pro plan until then.

Then we added lower priced plans with more expensive credits, and higher priced plans with cheaper credits. But we think we may have gone a little too far from the baseline on the first two plans. On Level 3, which all existing Pro members were automatically migrated to, the credits are priced at $2.00 for 100 credits. The level 2 plan which is $25 per month, is twice as expensive with credits costing $4.00 per 100. Level 1 adds another 25% to that at a rate of $5.00 for 100 credits.

The level 1 plan at just $5 a month is a cheap way for new members to try out the tools but with only 100 credits to play with they don’t get much and we think we need to adjust that.

The New Plan Proposals

So what we are thinking is the following: lower the costs of the credits but increase the pack price of each by $5 to provide more credits (and to give us a round number to work with lol!). The new plans would be as follows:

Level 1 – $4.00 per 100 credits, Plan price: $10, monthly credit allocation: 250

Level 2 – $3.00 per 100 credits, Plan price: $30, monthly credit allocation: 1000

As these are significantly differently to the existing Levels 1 and 2, we would create new plans and not migrate existing customers. The existing plans would be renamed ‘Level 1a’  and ‘Level 2a’, and would no longer be available to new customers but of course existing customers could just keep the plan they were on or change to one of the new ones.

The New Credit Packs

Similarly, we also think we overpriced the cost of the first two packs so the following are proposed:

Pack 1 – $4.00 per 100 credits, Pack price: $15, credits allocated: 300

Pack 2 – $4.00 per 100 credits, Pack price: $30, credits allocated: 750

We would most likely offer a discount to existing members wishing to change plans if we decide to go ahead and implement them. Please let us know your thoughts!

2 thoughts on “Are Membership Levels 1 & 2 Too Expensive?

  1. Christine Blythe

    I own four websites. After careful examination, I decided to go for Plan 2 at $25 per month. Since almost all of my sites are PR4, I only wanted to purchase backlinks for sites of that ranking or higher. I also wanted this to occur at a normal pace as they are fairly small websites and I didn’t wish to end up flagged by google. This divided perfectly between my four sites. At $25 per month, this is SO worth the money. I don’t think this is too expensive at all.

  2. Caroline Middlebrook Post author

    Hi Christine, thanks for the feedback! That’s a good strategy to focus on the higher PR backlinks! Since this post was written I have indeed reduced the credit pricing so you’ll find more credits for your $25 now 🙂


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