Always Use Real URL’s In Your Social Bookmarking Submissions

The URL that you pick for your social bookmarking submissions is the URL to which Google will give credit when it finds the backlink – make sure you use a real one!

What counts as a real URL?

It might be better to answer this question by demonstrating what is NOT a real URL:

  • A URL that redirects such as from a URL shortening service
  • A dynamic URL with parameters that change
  • Most types of affiliate links

Shortened URL’s

I was looking through some of the recent jobs that members had submitted and noticed that some had a URL shortener as the Bookmark URL which is what prompted this post. These services such as bitly and TinyUrl are great for when you’re posting a big long URL into something small such as a tweet but they are no good for bookmarking because it’s the URL shortening service that gets the backlink and not your site!

Dynamic URL’s

Another thing I see sometimes is dynamic URL’s for example, those used on a travel site that offers deals. Very often these deals are very short lived and the URL to the deal is constructed dynamically from data in their database. But once the deal has expired or no longer available, neither is the URL. If you’ve used one of these for your bookmark then by the time it gets posted that URL is going to result in a 404 not found error and not give you a backlink!

Instead, always make sure you are linking to a static page that will not change.

Affiliate Links

When you’re doing affiliate marketing you obviously want to promote your affiliate campaign as much as possible to get exposure for it and hopefully get more sales. However, using social bookmarking submissions as a way of promoting affiliate links is not a good idea in most cases. Lets take Clickbank as an example as that’s one of the most popular. Here’s an example of a Clickbank affiliate link: The domain that gets the backlink is

The problem is that using social bookmarking for link building is not going to send direct traffic to those affiliate links – it’s going to provide backlinks. But those backlinks are going to the affiliate system and not to your website!

Instead, setup a page on your site to promote your affiliate link and then bookmark that page. That way you get to promote your affiliate program and build backlinks to your site.

Making your social bookmarking submissions count

One thing to remember about social bookmarking is that you can only ever submit one URL to one site one time. Any attempt at submitting an existing URL to a site will just count as a vote for the existing story. This means that you submission matters! I see quite a few lazy submissions on IMAutomator. Take the time to do it right:

  • Use a real URL that counts as a backlink
  • Ensure your title contains your keyword
  • Use spintax to vary those keywords
  • Create an enticing description
  • Don’t forget to use several tags


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