72 Social Bookmarking Sites Live! 250 Free Credits For Everyone :-)

After making the decision to discontinue our Article & RSS tools, we’ve been able to really concentrate on Social Bookmarking sites and today we have 72 sites live! This is more than we’ve ever had before, and we’ve got a great mix of sites including 2 PR8 sites, 6 PR7 sites, 13 PR4 sites and a whole bunch PR1-3!

As a little celebration, we want to give everyone the chance to try out all of these great new sites that we’ve been adding and so here is a credit code worth 250 credits, more than enough to submit to every single site!


How to Redeem Your Credit Code

1) Login to IMAutomator at http://www.imautomator.com
2) Scroll to the bottom of the Members page to ‘Enter a Credit Code’
3) Paste the code in the box and press the ‘Submit Code’ button

You’ll get a message saying the code was accepted. To check the credits were allocated correctly, click on the Members page again and this time, in the section “Generate a Credit Transaction Report”, click the ‘Generate Report’ button and you’ll see all the credits allocated and spent.

No IMAutomator Account? Get One Free!

If you are new to IMAutomator, you can sign up to one of our monthly membership plans which offer the best value submission credits, but if you’d rather try before you buy you can go ahead and create a free account, then use the credit code above to get you started 🙂 Later on you can buy credit packs as and when you need them or sign up to a monthly plan.

If you’ve never used IMAutomator before, check out our 60 second intro video.

How to Spend Your Credits!

The most basic way to spend your credits is of course to submit a new job and these 250 credits will be more than enough to cover a job submission to EVERY site in the system if you wish but you don’t have to do it that way.

Firstly, you could split up the credits on several jobs, or try submitting a site with the Directory submitter instead.

Another way is to resubmit some of your old jobs. We’ve recently revamped the jobs list to more clearly show the number of ‘Submissions Available’ for every single job. Your older jobs will have more submissions available as more new sites will have been added since they were last submitted.

Simply click on the job ID of any job you’d like to resubmit, select the sites you would like to submit to just as you would in a new submission, and then submit it. You can also edit the job if you like at this point.

You can do this for as many jobs as you like, as often as you like. Every time we add new sites to the system the number of Submissions Available for each job is updated.

More Free Credits Coming Soon!

We are heading for 100 social bookmark sites; that has been our goal for a long time. When we hit that number we’re going to be running a HUGE promotion!

But in the meantime, we’re also really excited to be getting closer so we are going to be giving away free credits when we hit 80 & 90 sites so keep an eye on your email, this blog and on Facebook!

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