250-12,500 Free Credits Without Spending a Dime Extra!

This week we are celebrating hitting a milestone of 100 live social bookmarking sites in IMAutomator. And to celebrate we are offering an additional 50% extra credits on all monthly plans and credits packs!

For those of you who are already subscribers to one of our monthly plans, this is your chance to get those 50% extra credits without spending any more money! We haven’t changed the prices of any of the plans or packs – all we have changed is the number of credits that are provided.

So, if you want to take advantage of these 50% extra credits but don’t want to spend any more, simply cancel your existing plan and re-sign up to the same plan! Your monthly cost will be exactly the same but you get those 50% extra credits for the entire life of your subscription!

You’ve got just a few days left to take advantage of this offer – this promotion runs until Monday 11th August and then all our products revert back to what they were!

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