Monthly Archives: April 2015

Our New Sites Are Working Well

After so many public social bookmarking sites over recent months have started to stop working in large numbers, we made a decision to start building our own private network of sites exclusively for our members.

So far we have built 8 sites. They are all PR4, they also have good Domain Authority and other metrics. They are hosted on completely separate IP’s – A/B classes, not just C class, and there is no footprints in any of the server data for the best possible backlink profile diversity. We use a new company called IPNetworx for this; they specify in completely avoiding any SEO footprints.

Plus, they are all performing at a 95-99% success rate.

We’re happy with this so we will be continuing with this plan. Whilst we’ll still occasionally see what new public sites are available we will continue to focus on building our own network. We have 4 more sites to add today and we’ll continue to add a few more each week, continually monitoring performance of course.

More Sites Removed – Changing Our Tactics

A few weeks ago we had to remove a whole bunch of sites because they all went down overnight, obviously owned by the same entity. Now over this past weekend, another bunch of sites has had to be removed leaving us with a small number of live sites again. It wasn’t because the sites went down but because they changed to using a particular type of captcha that we cannot solve.

It’s getting more difficult to find good new bookmarking sites these days and the ones we do find, seem to be owned by just a handful of entities (we don’t know if they are individuals, companies or what). It’s not good to have too many eggs in one basket as the British are fond of saying.

Building Our Own Bookmarking Sites

So, we are going to be changing tactics from now on. Whilst we’ll still keep looking for new sites all the time, we now want to put the control back in our own hands to make sure that we can provide sites that are going to stick around and not just disappear. To do this, we need to build them ourselves.

We tried this a few years ago but the sites lost their power after a month or so but now we have more resources and more knowledge then we did back then. We are able to source high PR domains, that also have good Domain Authority which is also important these days.

We can host them all on separate A-class IP addresses around the world which avoids footprints, and we keep them exclusively for IMAutomator members so the links are not diluted by other people’s spam!

We will be building our sites on domains that are at least PR4. We will begin building our network this week, adding just a few at first and see how they perform and if all goes well then will add a few more each week.

Stay connected with us in your favorite flavor!