Monthly Archives: March 2015

Temporary Disaster!

Almost all of the social bookmarking sites in the system stopped working overnight a day or so ago! At first we assumed something was going on with our server, proxies, submission process or just something our end as it looked like the whole system had stopped working.

However it turns out that is not the case. It would appear that the vast majority of new sites we have added in recent weeks must be owned by the same entity and something has happened to cause them all to shut down at the same time.

This is obviously pretty bad for us! Now I’m hoping that it is a temporary glitch their end – maybe somebody forgot to renew the hosting account or something and they will all come back but unfortunately we can’t keep the sites in the system in this state as it just floods our submission engine with retries (our engine automatically retries failed submissions several times over a 48 hour period) and slows everything down.

Therefore we are going to purge them all and this will leave us with literally less than 10 working sites in the system! However, as always, we will be continuing to work to find new sites to replace them with and can hopefully get back to a decent number soon!

Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience.

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