Monthly Archives: September 2014

Moving Back to Fewer Sites, But Higher PR

After all the excitement last month of finally building up to 100 social bookmarking sites, we’ve now been taking a careful look at how they are being used. Most people don’t submit to 100 sites for every post, or even on many posts.

What we’ve been seeing over recent months (well longer than that really) is that most people seem to be submitting to a fewer number of sites and generally picking the higher PR ones.

This makes sense when you take into account the changes that Google have been making to their algorithm of late. They are clamping down more and more on over-optimisation in particular and unless your text is spun extremely well, blasting out 100 links to a single post can leave a footprint, especially if the submission is made on one of the faster speeds.

So even though we now have the ability to add tons more sites, we’re not actually going to do that. Well, not exactly….

We’ll still be adding lots of sites – but not every site we add performs brilliantly. They vary wildly in their performance. As a base we have 30-40 sites that are close to 100% success rate, and have been around for a long time and we’ll always keep those sites.

But some of the newer ones we add are most probably hosted on weak servers and don’t stand up to heavy traffic – they are slow, cause timeouts and server errors and as a result their success rates are much lower. We won’t be keeping those, especially if they are low PR (less than 3).

So what we’re going to do is keep adding sites, but be more picky about what we add. We’re not going to add any more PR1’s at all, so any new sites now will be at least PR2 and we’ll be favoring the highest PR sites. So if we have a lower PR site that’s not performing site and we have a new higher PR site that’s doing well, we’ll replace the lower PR site.

Over time we aim to have a smaller collection (around 50 maybe) of sites that are of higher quality and perform better overall.

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