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250-12,500 Free Credits Without Spending a Dime Extra!

This week we are celebrating hitting a milestone of 100 live social bookmarking sites in IMAutomator. And to celebrate we are offering an additional 50% extra credits on all monthly plans and credits packs!

For those of you who are already subscribers to one of our monthly plans, this is your chance to get those 50% extra credits without spending any more money! We haven’t changed the prices of any of the plans or packs – all we have changed is the number of credits that are provided.

So, if you want to take advantage of these 50% extra credits but don’t want to spend any more, simply cancel your existing plan and re-sign up to the same plan! Your monthly cost will be exactly the same but you get those 50% extra credits for the entire life of your subscription!

You’ve got just a few days left to take advantage of this offer – this promotion runs until Monday 11th August and then all our products revert back to what they were!

100 Sites Reached! 50% Extra Credits Free – 1 Week Only!

Well we’ve finally done it – 100 live social bookmarking sites in IMAutomator! We’ve been working up to this point for several months and we’re delighted to bring you a very special promotion to celebrate:


50% Extra Credits FOR LIFE!

This offer applies to both the one-off credit packs and our monthly plans. If you choose to take out one of our plans this week, for as long as you keep your new subscription you get to enjoy those 50% extra credits every single month for life!

The extra credits on packs are allocated at the time of the purchase only, but you may purchase as many packs as you like.

Note that your credits never expire so now is the time to stock up 🙂

Click here to get your 50% free credits

This Offer Will Never Be Repeated!

We’ve never done an offer like this before and we’ll never do it again! It is valid for 1 week only – until 11th August 2014 and then the prices go back to normal.

We’ve been saying for weeks that something HUGE was coming when we hit 100 sites and this is it! But we can’t hold these prices long term so it’s going to be a 1 week long promotion only and let me re-iterate – we will NEVER repeat this promotion again!

Never again will you be able to get credits as cheap as $0.66 each!

Click here now to get started

What If I Already Have a Subscription?

If you already have a subscription to one of our monthly plans and want to take advantage of this offer, simply cancel your existing subscription in your Paypal account and take out a new one! If you’re not sure how to cancel your existing subscription have a look in our FAQ pages as it’s explained in there.

Alternatively, just leave it to us. We check all new subscriptions and if we find an existing subscription already active on the account when a new one is started we will cancel the old one our end – but this may take 24-48 hours.

What If I Cancel The Offer Subscription Later?

As always, you are free to cancel your subscription at any time, and as mentioned above you can do this by yourself inside your own Paypal account. This applies to your existing subscription and to the new ones offered this week.

However, please take note that these 50% extra subscriptions will only be able this week -until 11th August 2014. As long as you keep it active you continue to get the 50% extra credits every month but if you cancel it at some point in the future after this week and want to take out another one, only the previous subscriptions at the regular prices will be available.

Here’s the link one last time – remember, one week only:

Did I Mention This Is For ONE WEEK ONLY?

It’s not often we do the hard sell at IMAutomator but we will be a little this week as this really is just a very special one-off promotion. It’s not a tactic designed to lure you in and then we have some weird technical issue and extend the offer a week longer.

This offer really will be running just for this week. It ends on the 11th August.

However we will be keeping you updated via email, on this blog and also on our Facebook page so as long as you’re not completely unplugged for a week you have no excuse not to miss out and take advantage!

Oh, And Here’s Some Free Credits Also 🙂

So we gave away 250 when we hit 70 sites, and again at 80 sites, then at 90 so we thought we’d just continue the tradition one last time! If you’ve not tried IMAutomator yet then these credits will allow you to do so and if you’re an existing member then this is just another thank-you 🙂

Here’s the credit code: KQCGAUNGKUU3

This credit code will also expire on the 11th August 2014 so as with the previous ones, make sure you redeem it straight away!


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