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Automated Social Bookmarking – 250 Free Credits To Get Started!

Here at IMAutomator we have been bringing you automated social bookmarking for the last 5 years and in recent months we’ve streamlined our system, and found new sources of sites and have been able to bring you many more sites for you to submit to at the click of a button.

Today we have surpassed the 80 sites mark and as a celebration we’re giving away a credit code worth 250 credits which is enough to submit a bookmark to every site in the system! Here it is:


How to Redeem Your Credit Code

1) Login to IMAutomator at
2) Scroll to the bottom of the Members page to ‘Enter a Credit Code’
3) Paste the code in the box and press the ‘Submit Code’ button

You’ll get a message saying the code was accepted. To check the credits were allocated correctly, click on the Members page again and this time, in the section “Generate a Credit Transaction Report”, click the ‘Generate Report’ button and you’ll see all the credits allocated and spent.

This code expires on 25th June 2014 so don’t delay in redeeming it!

No IMAutomator Account? Get One Free!

If you’ve not tried IMAutomator before this is the perfect time to give it a go. We offer a free trial which comes with 100 free credits and with the code above you’ll have a total of 350 free credits to play with to try out the software.

If you like it you can sign up to one of our monthly plans which provide the best value or just purchase a credit pack without any monthly commitment.

If you’d like a real quick overview of how IMAutomator works, check out our 60 second intro video and if you have a little more time you can also watch our training videos to see how it works in more depth.

We’ve Got More Credits to Give Away!

We’re really excited that we’ve been able to add so many new sites over the last few months; and some of them are pretty high PR! We’re aiming for 100 social bookmarking sites and when we hit that we’re going to be running a very special offer which you won’t want to miss! In the meantime, we’ll be giving away more free credits when we hit 90 sites which should not take very long 🙂


If you’ve never used IMAutomator before, check out our 60 second intro video.

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