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Tagza & Mister Wong dead?

We monitor all our submissions for failures – sometimes a site has a temporary glitch as has happened a few times with Tagza but this week we have taken both Tagza and Mister Wong off of our live lists and put them on trial 🙁

These are two of our longest standing sites – Tagza has been in the system since the very beginning and both are high PR and high profile sites. We’ll be very sad to see them go but we’re keeping them on trial just in case they do come back.

Tagza is simply not loading at all. Mister Wong is still there but it has stopped acknowledging the paid account and every link simply redirects to a page asking to upgrade to a paid account. We tried creating a brand new account and upgrading it but it did the same thing. We’ve tried contacting them to no avail and are now trying to contact them via Paypal but it’s not looking good.

We’re always on the lookout for new sites to add – are there any high PR bookmark sites that is not in our system that you think should be? Please leave a note in the comments below and we’ll check it out!

You can now re-submit FAILED submissions

We released the job resubmission functionality a few weeks ago and today we have enhanced it to not only allow you to re-submit jobs to any new sites that have been added since previous submissions, but now you can also retry failed submissions.

Won’t it just fail again?

We monitor all of our submissions and if a site starts to report failures we investigate it. If a site stops working we put it on alert and check it daily. If it’s still not working after a week then we delete it. All submissions to that site that are still pending will not be attempted and will fail with a ‘Site is Dead’ message. These sites do not appear in the list of sites that can be chosen for resubmission.

The only sites that appear in this list are either new ones which have not been selected before or those which have failed previously but are still active. There is a good chance that a site that failed previously could work a second time. I’ll explain how the submission process works and the kinds of issues that crop up.

Common submission problems

Due to the large volume of submissions that our system performs we use proxy servers to do the submission – this rotates the IP addresses used but proxies are not as reliable as a direct server connection and these sometimes fail due to a timeout error. This is the most common problem and is reported as a ‘Server error’. Proxies can vary in their performance – sometimes they will perform great and other times they don’t work as well. We regularly change our proxies and use lots of them to circumvent this but failures do still happen.

The other issue is that sometimes the sites we submit to don’t work as well as they could. Again they can be temperamental. For example, Tagza has been playing up lately. This is our oldest site, it’s high PR (5) and generally a great site but over the last few weeks they have had occasional bouts of poor performance causing the submissions to fail. The next day it’s fine again – this is where resubmitting those failed submissions can pay off.

Our retry mechanism

Obviously the issues above are temporary so we have a built in retry mechanism that will retry a submission several times over a 24 hour period. Sites with high PR are retried more often than lower ones as they are obviously more valuable. This gets through most of the glitches but we have to draw a line somewhere otherwise submissions to sites that had permanently stopped working would hang indefinitely. Therefore if a site fails on its last attempt then we record that as a permanent failure and do not retry it again.

You only ever pay for a SUCCESSFUL submission!

Just a reminder – if a submission fails you are refunded the credits spent on that site. You never pay for failed submissions so you don’t pay multiple times by retrying your failed submissions. You’ll only every pay for a successful submission.

24 Hours Left for 50% Extra Credits!

As part of the launch of our new membership plans last Monday, we are giving away a huge 50% extra free credits for the first month on any of the membership plans – this offer expires in 24 hours so now is the time to signup if you’ve not done so already. Click here to see all of the available membership plans.

Get Bonus Credits For Changing Plans

The bonus applies to ANY new subscription signup regardless of what plan you are already on. Whether you are a free customer looking to try out IMAutomator for the first time, you’re on an old Light membership and want to get a few more credits or even a Pro member wanting less – every new signup made in the next 24 hours will gain the 50% extra bonus credits. If you already have an existing paid subscription it will be cancelled for you automatically.

Try Out ALL the Tools For Just $5!

Until last week, only Pro members were able to use the Article, RSS & Directory submitter tools but now ALL of the tools are open to ALL members regardless of the membership plan. Plus we now have new features such as Spintax support on all tools and the ability to reschedule existing jobs to new sites at any time! Level 1 is just $5 a month so if you’re not sure if IMAutomator is right for you, now is the time to try it out and see if you like the tools. Here’s the link again to all the plans.


Free Credits Being Given Away on Facebook All Week!

As part of our launch promotion, in addition to the bonus 50% extra credits we’re offering on all of our membership plans, we are also running credit giveaways on our Facebook page every day for a week.

We started yesterday with the first giveaway and there will be a new post every day posted at different times so that people from all timezones can get a chance to participate. All you need to do for a chance to win is simply reply to the post with your IMAutomator username. Each day 5 winners will be selected to win 50 credits each.

You can enter every single day and of course you can apply these free credits to ANY account – including the free account! So head on over to Facebook, and look out for our giveaway promotions each day until Tuesday 9th July 🙂

New Membership System Launched – 50% Bonus For One Week Only!

The New Membership System Is Now LIVE!

Today is a very exciting day for us – we’ve been working hard to completely overhaul the way we offer our membership to make it much more flexible. Instead of the previous Light and Pro versions we now have 6 distinct membership plans ranging from $5 to $500 a month! All existing members have been automatically migrated to one of the new plans. But there are also some very important restrictions which have now been completely removed:

  • ALL members can now use ALL tools – previous Light members are no longer restricted to just the bookmark tool
  • No daily submission limits – you can submit as many links as you want every day
  • No submission limits per job – previous Light members could only have 15 submissions per job, you can now have as many as you choose

The core difference between our old system and our new one is that all submissions are now made with submission credits and the membership plan you choose to purchase determines how many credits you are allocated each month. The higher priced plans offer far greater value for money by offering credits at a much cheaper rate. Also, for ultra casual users who do not want to be committed to a monthly fee we now have a FREE option! You can simply buy a package of credits as and when you need them.

Check out the full breakdown of our new membership plans & pricing

50% Extra Credits for ONE WEEK ONLY!

We couldn’t do a major launch like this without a major special offer to go with it! 🙂 All membership plans and credit packages purchased between now and Tuesday 9th July 9am PDT will grant an extra 50% credits free for the first month! For existing members – don’t worry you already have your extra credits! We have allocated all existing members a 50% bonus to their monthly credit allocation – login and start submitting!

We won’t be repeating this offer again so be sure to take advantage of it! We’re keeping the offer open for a whole week to give people plenty of time to take advantage of it.

What about free members? We discontinued the free membership in 2012 but brought it back a few weeks ago as a ‘pay as you go’ system. It’s not much good unless you actually have some credits so we don’t want to leave anyone out – we will also be allocating 50 completely free credits to ALL active free members on Friday. The reason we’re waiting until Friday is that many of you have not accessed your accounts in a while and they have become inactive. Simply logging in to the site any time between now and Friday will automatically activate it so that it gets picked up for the free credit allocation on Friday.

And don’t forget – ALL members now have access to ALL tools so why not try out the Article Submitter, RSS Submitter or the Directory Submitter? We’ll send out another email on Friday once these credits have been allocated.

Even MORE Credits to Giveaway!!!

This is the first big launch we’ve had since 2010 so we’re a little excited! Our credits system is fun for us because it allows us to give away credits in all sorts of ways and we just couldn’t do things like that before. So, in addition to the free credits that we’re giving away as part of our promotion mentioned above, we are also going to be giving away additional free credits on Facebook every single day for a week whilst we run our 50% promotion! Go ahead and like our Facebook page if you haven’t already, and then look out for our daily updates:

Ready for launch! (New membership system)

We have just finished putting the finishing touches to the new membership system that is launching on Monday. You will be able to choose from one of 6 membership plans, starting at just $5 per month or you can stay with a free membership and just purchase credits as and when you need them.

All existing members will be migrated to the closest of the new plans and as long as you do not cancel your current subscription you will stay on the same price point which is slightly cheaper.

We’ll be kicking off this launch with a very special offer (which will also be applied to existing members) so look out for details on Monday! We’ll be blogging, Facebooking and emailing out all the details. In the meantime, have a great weekend! 🙂

Credit System Fully Implemented & Credits Purchasable, All Limits Removed

The new membership system launch is almost upon us! We are on target to launch 6 new membership plans next Monday July 1st but in the meantime we are preparing the system to work with the new credit system that we started implementing some months ago.

We have now completed the transition and today’s update is a big one with some major changes:

All Sites are Credit Sites

Previously we had a mixture of regular sites that were always selected on every submission and credit sites that could be selected as optional extras on any given job. Now all sites in the system are credit sites which means that we have migrated to a fully usage-based system. Your monthly membership free buys a number of monthly credits and you are then choose to spend those credits how you wish.

There is one improvement we need to make in this area. In the credit site selection area of the submission forms we use a colour coding system to indicate if certain sites have restrictions on them. For example the article sites have a minimum word requirement so it will show you which sites need 400, 500 or 600 words. However, the form doesn’t actually prevent you from making unsuitable selections – the job will just fail later. We will put in these restrictions later.

Credit Packs are Purchasable

If you run low on credits and want to submit something before your next payment date you can also purchase credit packs on an ad-hoc basis. These are more expensive than the credits that will be allocated with the monthly membership plans but they are allocated immediately. These packs are also available to free members meaning you can now use your free IMAutomator account as a pay-as-you-go account, and simply purchase credits as and when you need them.

The following packs are available (from the members page but I have provided links for convenience here)

These links will take you directly to a paypal payment page. Please do not close your browser or press the back button or the credits will not be allocated to your account!

All Light Member Restrictions Lifted

Previously, Light members only had access to the Social Bookmark submitter and for each job a maximum of 15 submissions would be made. Both of these restrictions have now been lifted so in essence the only difference now between the current Light and Pro memberships are the number of credits allocated per month. Also, all Light members have been allocated 50 free credits so you can have a play with the new tools straight away 🙂

Monthly Credits Increased

Light members will now receive 100 credits per month and Pro members 2,500. This will take effect from the next payment on your account.

Daily Submission Limits Removed

Previously we had limits set on the number of jobs you could submit of a given type per day. So for example Light members could only submit 10 bookmarks per day. This restriction has now been lifted and you can submit as much as you like, so long as you have credits available.

What’s Next?

So for all existing members you are now operating on the new system but within our old membership systems. The big feature that is coming on Monday is 6 brand new membership plans ranging from $5 to $500 a month to suit all budgets and requirements.

Please let us know if you have any questions about the new system or notice any problems.

Job Sorting Added to Job Lists

Another new feature has been added today – the ability to sort the jobs in the jobs list for each job type. At the same time, we have also removed the button which was marked ‘Completed’ – all jobs are now contained in a single list as with the job resubmission code, the idea of ‘job completion’ no longer makes sense.

At first glance the lists will look the same as before as by default they will be sorted in descending order of Job ID – so your latest submitted jobs appear at the top. But now you may click on any of the columns to sort by that column.

So for example, an interesting one to try it to sort by the SA column which is the number of submissions available. The first time you click a column it will sort into a ascending order. Click a second time on the SA column to sort it in descending order and you’ll see your older jobs at the top of the list. Large numbers in this column means that you can now re-submit this job to pick up all those extra backlinks!

Your current sort setting is saved as you navigate around the site. So if you sort by the title column in ascending order on the Bookmarks list and then click onto the Articles page, those will also be sorted by title in ascending order. However, this reverts to the default the next time you login.

The pagination is currently the same. 20 jobs are displayed at a time per page. We may later add the ability to select different numbers here.

We still want to add a filter function to allow you to search your title & description fields but that is not likely to be before the July 1st release.

Login box obscured by video – fixed

We fixed a small issue today that we’ve had since we deployed our new web design. On certain versions of Internet Explorer and Chrome, when you hovered over the ‘Login’ tab of the navigation menu, it would drop down but be hidden behind the video that is on the home page. The workaround was to load any other page and login from there but it was a nuisance! This has now been fixed 🙂

Job Resubmission is Live!

Today we have released a major new feature – Job Resubmission which replaces our Secondary Submissions tool which was available to Pro members only. This new job resubmission code is available to ALL members.

How to resubmit your jobs

1) From the list of jobs, click on the ID number of the job you would like to resubmit. This can be a current job which is still in progress or any job which is listed under the ‘completed’ tab. This will load the job details screen for that job.

2) As well as the details of the job (which you can still edit as before) you’ll also find a site section section just like when submitting a new job. The only difference is that only sites that have not been submitted for this job appear. If you try it on your latest jobs you will have very few sites available or maybe none at all. However, try it on your older jobs and you could have a lot of sites available – maybe even all of them if the job was submitted a long time ago!

3) Select any sites you’d like to submit to and click the preview button.

4) Review the details of the job and click the re-submit button.

5) You’ll now see that the counts of remaining and available submissions have been modified accordingly.

Some improvements still to come

This is the first version of this particular piece of functionality and there are several improvements that we are going to make for it but we may not have time to do them before the launch of the new membership system if we are to hit the July 1st date. These are as follows:

1) Resubmission for failures – currently you can only select sites that have never been selected for this job. What we will also add later is the ability to also select sites which have previously been selected but which failed. These would be clearly marked so you could ignore them if you wish.

2) Stricter constraints on selectable sites – for articles and RSS feeds not all sites are suitable for every job. For article sites, there is a minimum word requirement so if your article is only 300 words then you don’t want to submit that to a site that requires 400. Similarly for RSS directories, some of them are actually blog directories and require that the submitted site be an actual blog. Currently these sites are clearly marked but you can still select them. We will make these un-selectable in a future update.

3) Searchable and sortable job lists – right now you have to hunt through your old jobs to resubmit them and this is cumbersome as we list them just in pages of 20 with no mechanism to filter them or sort them. We want to add a better interface for the job lists and we were hoping to get it in before the July 1st release but it may have to wait until afterwards.

Some additional notes to be aware of

1) We ran a script a while back to calculate the counts for the number of remaining and available submissions for all jobs in the database. The number of sites that shows as available does not take into accounts the constraints mentioned above. So for example, if you have just submitted a 400 word article and selected all sites that showed up, it would still show some sites as being available which are the 500 word and 600 word directories but they will not show up when you click the job details. Hopefully we can fix that in the future.

2) You can resubmit a job at any time. You do not have to wait for the job to complete in order to resubmit it with new sites. In fact the whole idea of job ‘completion’ no longer makes sense. We will keep the ‘in progress’ and ‘completed’ lists there for the time being but once the searching and sorting are available it will be removed and there will be just one master list of jobs for all job types.

3) When you resubmit a job, a schedule is created for the new sites you have selected. This schedule will begin from today – it is not appended to the previous schedule.

4) Also in this update we have made all RSS sites into credit sites. This now works like Directory sites – you will now have to choose at least one site when submitting a new job and no submissions will be made automatically. The next stage will be to convert article sites but we will hold off as long as possible when doing the bookmark sites as that is what most people use.

5) This functionality replaces the Secondary Submissions tool. For those pro members that used it – all of your scheduled submissions are still scheduled and will still be submitted as normal but you will no longer be able to access the tool itself. This new feature is far more flexible than the secondary submissions tool – you can choose any jobs as you like, whenever you like and you can choose precisely what sites you want to use.

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