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Credit Prices Reduced Even Further!

A month ago we had a review of our credit pricing and drastically reduced the prices of the credits, particularly for the lower priced plans. At the end of that blog post we stated that we would be continuing to review the pricing on an on-going basis which is exactly what we’re doing now.

Low-End Plans Still Too Expensive

The idea behind a tiered system is to provide flexibility in the plans to support members of all kinds from those with just one small website and very little content to promote, to high volume members that use our tools across many sites or for client work. We could have just had a flat pricing across all tiers but that doesn’t then provide any incentive or reward to those customers that invest more with us so of course the higher priced plans have cheaper credits to make them better value for money.

Initially the price difference of the credits between the lowest priced plan and the highest one was huge – $5 for 100 credits on the lowest plan, and just $1 for 100 credits on the highest – that was a 500% difference in price – too much!

So in our August update we reduced the prices across all plans paying particular attention to the lower priced plans but the incentive was still there to upgrade to a higher plan. We still want to keep the incentive by making each plan better value for money than the one below it but we feel that our earlier pricing was actually penalising our lower volume members rather than rewarding our higher volume ones. We don’t want to alienate those members! Every member, no matter how small, is important to us.

So in this pricing review we have reduced the prices further for the first 4 plans, levels 5 & 6 remain the same. Now the difference between the credit pricing on the lowest and highest plans are not quite as marked. The new level 1 plan now offers credits at $2.40 per 100 credits – less than half of what we originally started with! We have also reduced the prices of the first two credit packs.

The New Pricing

This is the breakdown of the new pricing for plan levels 1-4:

  • Level 1 – $12 per month, $2.40 per 100 credits, 500 credits per month
  • Level 2 – $25 per month, $2.00 per 100 credits, 1,250 credits per month
  • Level 3 – $50 per month, $1.25 per 100 credits, 4,000 credits per month
  • Level 4 – $100 per month, $1.15 per 100 credits, 8,700 credits per month

When you login to IMAutomator, you are shown the members page. On here are two large blue bars with large orange lettering. The top one shows your username and the name of the plan you are on. The lower one in the credit section shows you how many credits you have on your account and what your monthly credit allocation is. These pricing changes have already been applied so you will now see the above values shown on this page.

And these are the new prices for the first two credit packs:

  • Pack 1 – $12, 400 Credits, $3.00 per 100 credits
  • Pack 2 – $30, 1,200 Credits, $2.50 per 100 credits

The 3rd and 4th credit packs remain the same.

Changes Are Automatic – No Payments Are Changed

We we are changing here is the cost of the credits, not the cost of the plan, which means that your Paypal subscription does not change, it just means that you get more credits per month than you did before. This change is automatic and takes effect on the next payment made so the next time your Paypal payment comes through you will get more credits allocated than last time.

Also, like last month when we reduced the prices, we will also retroactively allocate additional credits for any pack purchased since the 1st September and for any subscription that was renewed from the 1st September.

Whether you have purchased a pack or your subscription payment has come out, either way, please send us the Paypal Transaction ID of the payment that left your account, send us an email and we will allocate the additional credits for you.

Old $2.99 & $5.00 Plans Unchanged – Now is a Good Time to Upgrade

We still have quite a few members on the old Level 1 membership (now renamed Level 1a). We stopped offering this plan to new members last month as we felt that the number of credits offered with such a small monthly payment, even with a price reduction, simply was not enough to evaluate the IMAutomator tools properly. This plan remains unchanged, providing 125 credits per month. If you are on this plan and would like some more credits to play with, now is a good time to upgrade to the new Level 1 plan which now provides 500 credits a month at a cost of $12 offering 4 times as many credits for a little over twice the monthly cost – FAR better value for money.

If you upgrade, your old plan will automatically be cancelled for you.

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