Monthly Archives: March 2013

Selection Buttons for Credit Sites Implemented

We have now added a series of buttons to the submission forms at the bottom of the table of credit sites. There are toggle buttons for each Page Rank 1-8, a Select All button and a Clear All button. They behave as you would expect except that they have logic behind them to ensure that you cannot spend more credits than you have remaining.

So for example if you click the Select All button it will begin selecting sites from the top of the list until it runs out of credits. If it runs out of credits whilst selecting PR4 sites and there are 2 credits left, then it will also select the first available PR2 site.

The toggle buttons work in the same way – they will begin selecting sites of the specified PR until it runs out of credits. You can of course just click sites individually to select them as well as using these buttons but these should make credit site selection considerably faster.

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