Monthly Archives: February 2013

Captcha Credits & Page Rank

We’ve made a small but important tweak to the way that captcha credits are calculated and spent. The cost of a captcha site submission is equal to the Page Rank of the target site. So a PR1 site would cost 1 credit, but a PR4 site would cost 4 credits and so on.

Simple enough… but one of the key features of IMAutomator is our drip-feed submission process. By default, we spread out the individual submissions for any job over time dripping in one link per day. This speed is selected by the member but most submissions are drip fed over a period of weeks or even months.

What happens if the Page Rank of the site changes between the time the member submitted the job, and the actual submission takes place? That’s what we have been working on today.

When you submit a site to IMAutomator, the credits spent are recorded for each site. Note that during this testing phase – the sites are selected at random on certain submissions, you don’t get to choose them yet.

When the job is completed – which might be several weeks later, first we check if the job succeeded or failed. If it fails, a full refund is given for the amount of credits originally spent, regardless of the site PR.

If the job succeeded, we check the PR of the site to see if any credit adjustment is required. So if a site was PR4 when you originally submitted your link, you would have been charged 4 credits. But if a month later when that submission gets posted the site has dropped to PR2, you’ll get 2 credits refunded. If the site has increased it’s PR, you get that extra link juice as a freebie 🙂

So to summarise:

  • If a job fails, a full credit refund is given equal to the number of credits spent
  • If a job succeeds and the PR has dropped, a partial credit refund is given
  • If a job succeeds and the PR has not changed, credits are not changed
  • If a job succeeds and the PR has increased, credits are not changed

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