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Submission Credits Increased to 1,500 per Month for Pro Members

Today we have removed a few sites from our regular Bookmark sites list – a dead site and a few PR0 sites that had been there a while. This has brought our number down to 25 and so we have increased the monthly credit allowance for Pro members to 1,500 per month. This will take effect on your next payment.

Don’t forget to use your credits! We now have 21 credit sites in the system, some as high as PR7! We also have a handful of article credit sites and should be adding more soon.

Light members are not affected as they still get 15 backlinks regardless.

Light Membership Closed to New Members

We launched the Light membership just over a year ago and it has been very well received but we have now reached capacity and have closed it to new members. We are considering re-launching later in the year with a suite of tiered membership options but for now the only membership available is the standard Pro membership at $49.95 per month. Existing members are not affected in any way by this change.

Colour-Coding Introduced For Article Sites

When you submit an article to IMAutomator it may not be submitted to all the sites on the system if you have a low word count. The minimum for all sites (and for us) is 300 words and currently we have 16 sites that require only 300 words as a minimum.

But we also have more that require 400 words, a handful that require 500 words and just one that requires 600 words. Previously we listed these on the supported sites page in 4 separate lists which worked well at the time but now we want to show a separate list for the credit sites that we’re adding and it would be very cumbersome to have 8 lists just for articles!

So instead, we’ve merged the current list all into one, listed the minimum number of words in round brackets after the name, eg (300) and also colour-coded them for convenience.

On the article submission form, we show the number of sites that you will hit depending on your word count also using the same colour coding, and in the functionality we are currently developing to add credit sites to the article section – these will also be colour coded.

It’s not ideal for those members who are visually impaired but we will also implement a mechanism that prevents selecting a site whose requirement is higher than your current word count. So if you have pasted in an article that is 420 words, you can select any of the sites requiring 300 or 400 words, but not the sites that require 500 or 600.

We’re adding article credit sites at the moment and finishing up this code. They should be live by the end of the week.

Missing Credits Added

Following on from yesterdays post about some credits not being correctly allocated when the subscription payment came in, we have now managed to go back over the payments for the last 10 days and allocate any that were missing.

So if your subscription payment went through in the last 10 days since the launch of the credit system you should now have a new months worth of credits allocated to you – though it will have today’s date and not your payment date.

Don’t forget to spend them 🙂

Submission Speed Streamlined

The introduction of Submission Credits added a glitch to the calculation of the number of days over which a job would be submitted. There were several speeds with the default set at 1 link per day but the number of days in each option was calculated before the submission form was shown which meant that it did not take into account any credit sites selected.

We now have 17 credit sites to choose from so that could significantly alter the submission schedule.

In today’s update we have streamlined this area with a simpler method – you simply choose from 1 of four different speed settings and the actual days, dates & times will be calculated after the submission is made. The new speed settings are as follows:

  • Very Fast: 25 links per day
  • Fast: 5 links per day
  • Normal: 1 link per day (selected by default)
  • Slow: 1 link every 3 days

This has been applied across all the tools and it also now correctly takes into account not just the credit sites but also trial sites.

Problem With Some Credit Allocations

We have noticed a problem with the code that allocates submission credits upon receipt of the subscription payment and not all of them have been allocated properly. Whenever your payment comes through you should have a credit allocation within 24 hours.

For Pro members that is 1000 credits, for Light members it depends on the subscription type – for the rolling monthly membership it is 50 credits, for the 3-month it is 150 credits and for the 6-month it is 300 credits.

You can see you credit balance on the member page when you login and can click a button there to generate a credit transaction report that shows when credits are allocated, spend and refunded.

If a payment has been collected and your credits were not allocated then please contact support and give us your username and we’ll fix that right away.

Some Improvements Coming to Submission Credits

Since we launched Submission Credits we have been furiously adding bookmark sites. We are going to continue doing this for the next day or two and then next week we’re going to start work on Article sites and we’re also going to start on a couple of improvements that need doing.

Submission Speed Improvement

One of the key features of IMAutomator is the way it drip feeds your links over a number of days. Currently the speed options are calculated and displayed on the submission form so if there are 28 regular sites in the system the default option will be 1 link per day so 28 days.

However, this now needs to change dynamically to take into account any credit sites selected. So if you select an additional 10 credit sites and stick with the default one link per day option, then that job should be submitted over 38 days instead of 28.

Link Resubmission

Currently we have a separate tool for Pro members only called the Secondary Submissions tool that allows existing links to be submitted to any new sites that were added since the original submission.

We have disabled the credit sites from this tool but it has always been a little cumbersome to use and it is soon going to be obsolete as we do not envisage being able to increase the number of our regular sites due to the increased numbers of captchas in place now. (Which is why we developed the credit system in the first place.)

So what we want to do instead is offer a link resubmission feature that works more intuitively. Once a job is completed, you can go back and re-submit it selecting any sites that were not originally selected, and we will also allow resubmission to sites that previously failed.

This last part is brand new and something that is sorely needed. Recently Delicious decided to change their API for their login section. When they did that all submissions immediately failed. Even though we had re-engineered our site accordingly within 24 hours, all that jobs that had failed stay failed. What would be nice is if you could go back and try that submission again.

With our new interface you’ll be able to do just that. This whole area is quite a big change and we’ll be working on it in between adding sites for the rest of the tools so it’s going to be a way off yet but I wanted to give you a heads up!

Expect the submission speed improvement Monday or Tuesday though.

A Couple of Credit Bugs Squashed

First of all, there was a bug that prevented Bookmark jobs from being edited – it simply gave the generic “Error editing bookmarks”. That has now been fixed.

Also, we found another bug which is a display bug only but misleading. When an individual submission completes, its details are updated showing the date/time the submission was done, the success or failure status, any additional information such as an error message and now it also shows the credit cost of that submission.

The credit cost is always equal to the current PR of the site. The bug was that when the job completed, the credit cost column was always populated for all sites – and not just the credit sites. So it looks as though you had spent more credits than you had.

This is not actually the case – you can verify it by running a credit report from the Members page. The bug has been fixed but we have not gone through all the submissions to retroactively fix the data as that would require hours of database downtime and we don’t think it’s worth it for the handful of jobs affected.

Captcha Support Now LIVE! – New sites & more free backlinks!

Today we have launched a major new feature to IMAutomator – support for CAPTCHA sites in the form of Submission Credits. This means a bunch of new sites in the system, and more free backlinks for ALL paying members! Read on for more details…

What are Submission Credits?

During the testing phase we called these Captcha credits because their primary purpose is to allow us to include sites in IMAutomator that make use of captcha during the submission process. Captchas are those hard-to-read graphics that show you some random words or a mix of letters & numbers that you have to type in to proceed.

Our submission engine cannot read these captcha image without a human to recognise the image but this can now be done with the use of specialist captcha recognition services which we have incorporated into IMAutomator. The catch? As real people are required to solve the images, there is a fee associated with the service and due to the sheer volume of submissions made by IMAutomator we are unable to use this on our regular sites.

Therefore we now mark these sites as ‘Credit Sites’ and allocate each site a credit cost. All paying members are given free submission credits every month as part of their IMAutomator subscription and can spend these on their submissions as they wish.

Read more about what the submission credits are and why we have them.

Submission Credit Costs

A PR1 site costs 1 credit for submission. A PR2 site costs 2 credits, a PR3 site 3 credits and so on. The credits given to members is as follows:

Pro Members: 1000 credits per month
Light Members: 50 credits per month

The credits are allocated within a few hours of the payment being made so in the case of Light members who are on the 3 month and 6 month options, they will get 150 and 300 credits respectively.

In order to launch the system correctly we have allocated all paying members a pro-rata value of credits which has been calculated based on the date of the last payment. You can see your credit balance on the members screen when you login. You can also generate a report showing a transaction report of all credits spent & refunded.

Read more about submission credit costs.

Spending Credits

Credits are spent when you submit jobs. On the submission form you’ll see a new section that shows a grid containing all of the available credit sites with the credit cost for each one. As you select sites, you’ll also see a running total of the credit cost for this job as well as your current credit balance. Once you submit the job you’ll be able to view the submission schedule from the ‘Details’ link and this now shows the credit cost of each individual submission.

You are only ever charged for successful submissions so as the submissions are processed, if any fail you are refunded for the full value of the credits spent.

Read more about how to use submission credits.

Lots More Sites to Come!

Today we have launched the credit system with 10 sites but we have about another 10 on trial and about a gazillion in our lists ready to be added to the system! And that’s just for bookmarks! The bookmarker is still the most popular tool so we will be focusing on that first and then we will add credit sites to all the other tools.

Over time we expect the list of regular sites that are not part of the credit system to slowly decline. These days the new sites that are built all use captcha and old sites gradually die off over time. We will be closely monitoring the site lists and if the regular sites die off then we will allocate more and more credits as part of the IMAutomator subscription.

At some point we may also provide the facility to purchase additional credits but for now they are free additions to your subscription 🙂

Please Give Us Your Feedback!

We’re always interested to hear from members about the service so if you have any questions, suggestions, or you find a bug then please get in touch. Also, if your credits are not showing up then also contact us and we’ll sort that out right away.

Job Detail Pages Now Show Credits

We have modified the job detail pages (the one you see when you click the ‘Details’ link from the jobs list) to have an extra column showing ‘Credits’ which is the cost of the job in credits.

As we made some changes yesterday we have today wiped all existing credit data and given all members another test batch of 500 credits so all submissions right now will show 0 credits.

As you submit jobs from now on which get captcha sites selected for testing, these will show a credit value on this screen. This will also get updates as the submissions are processed. So if a PR3 site gets scheduled it will show a ‘3’ in the credits column (you’ll also see an entry in the credits report you can generate on the member screen) and then when the job is completed, if it were to fail, that column would now show 0.

And a reminder – we’re still in testing, these credits are not real, nothing is being charged 🙂

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