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RSS Submitter Extended to Include Blog Directories

Until now our RSS submitter only submitted to specific RSS directories – those that only wanted the URL of an actual RSS feed. However, many RSS feeds pertain to blogs and there are lots of blog directories around so we’ve extended our RSS submitter to submit to those too. We have just one at the moment, BlogCatalog but of course we’ll be adding some more in due course.

There is one small change to the submission form. Now, in additional to entering the URL of your RSS feed, you will also have an input field to enter the URL of the your blog, if applicable. This is an optional field so if your RSS feed is not a blog simply leave this field blank.

When the job is scheduled, the submitter will check to see if you’ve entered something for the blog field and if you have it will submit to all RSS sites in the system including the Blog Directories. If that field is blank, it simply skips the Blog Directories.

No change is required for existing jobs as these have already been scheduled.

Server Problems With Private Sites Again

I’m very sorry to report that our brand new server that has only been installed about a week or so ago is having problems again. This server hosts our own private sites which we have quite a few of now and this issue is causing mainly server errors for the submissions. Obviously we’ve contacted the host and asked them to resolve the matter urgently.

I can only apologise for the inconvenience!

Clarification of Light -> Pro Upgrade

We have been informed by the developers of the membership software that we use that when upgrading to a Pro membership, if there is a Light membership active on that account it needs to be manually cancelled by the member as it cannot be done automatically.

The subscription is created inside the members own Paypal account and must be cancelled in the Paypal account. It is found under the ‘My Pre Approved Payments’ section. So for anyone who has upgraded from a Light to a Pro membership, please ensure you cancel your Light membership to prevent being billed for both subscriptions.

Light to Pro Upgrade Not Cancelling Light Membership Properly

We have discovered a problem with members who have had a Light membership and then upgraded it to Pro. The Light membership is supposed to be cancelled immediately and it looked like this was working correctly but now a month after the Light was launched we are seeing some cases where the customer has in fact been billed for both products.

It looks like the subscription was cancelled in the membership software but not in Paypal and so the following month the payment still goes through. We are in liason with the developers to find a fix but for anyone who has upgraded to the Pro membership over the last month please do the following:

Login to your Paypal account and find the ‘My Pre Approved Payments’ section – this is where all of your subscriptions are. Look for IMAutomator Light and IMAutomator Pro. Click the Light one and if it shows as active, cancel it. This will prevent any further payments from being made.

If you have already been billed in error for the Light product please use the contact form to send me the Paypal Transaction ID of the payment and I shall refund it immediately. Apologies for the inconvenience caused.

New Server Up, Issues Resolved

We have our new server in place now which has resolved the issues we had with some of our privately owned bookmark sites not working properly.

3 & 6 Month Payment Options for IMAutomator Light Now Available

Quite a few members over the last few weeks have aked if we can provide payment options for the Light Version which allow them to pay for a longer period up front rather than having $2.99 deducted every month.

This has now been implemented. We have a 3 month option at $8.97 every 3 months and a 6 month option at $17.94 every 6 months – both are still priced at $2.99 per month but just billed less freqently.

If you are a new member and do not have an IMAutomator account then you can click here to create a new subscription and you’ll be able to select which option to use. For existing members with a free account who wish to upgrade to IMAutomator Light, you can click here for the 3 month option or click here for the 6 month option.

New Server on the Way For Private Sites

As mentioned in the last post, we’re experiencing some performance problems with some of the sites in our private network and this is causing the submissions to fail with server errors. We have decided to order a whole new server instead of just an upgrade but have been told it will take a few days to order, setup and migrate all the data.

The sites most affected are ChickenMonkey, DF008, Swigies, Xelo, Enjoy USA, Kabayani, Things4U & Monster. Apologies for the inconvenience at this time!

Performance Issue With Private Sites

Over the last few months we have started to build our own private bookmark sites (meaning they are only used for IMAutomator submissions). During the last week or so the performance has started to drop on them which has resulted in server errors causing failed submissions.

As such we’re now in the process of a CPU upgrade on the servers which should be done by the beginning of next week hopefully. Apologies for the inconvenience.

The Free Service Has Now Been Discontinued

We have now disabled access to the Free service. For those members who have a free account (note that you will always retain the actual account), when you login you will be taken to an information page that explains that the free service has now been discontinued.

No data has been removed – all jobs remain in the system as before which means that if you choose to upgrade now or at any time in the future you may simply pick up just where you left off.

Over the next day or two all submissions from free members will be paused so for any bookmarks in the system that were not yet complete, these will remain incomplete until the account is upgraded.

New Payment Options Coming

Quite a few members have asked if we can implement some alternative payment options to allow payment up front over a longer term to avoid potential fees for small $2.99 payments. We are looking into this and it should be possible to implement. We hope to put these in place by the end of the week – we aim to offer 3 month and 6 month payment options.

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