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Another Update on CAPTCHA Support

We are continuing to internally test submission to sites with captchas and this is going well. One thing we have also been doing is monitoring submissions being made by members and taking a closer look at how our tools are being used.

One thing we have noticed, is that there is quite a lot of variation in the ‘quality’ of the content being submitted. Some of it is great – high quality content, the kind of thing that the sites we submit to really want to see. But some of it, not so great… One of the downsides of having a flat monthly fee rather than a usage-based cost is that it encourages members to ‘use up’ their available quota and so they submit anything they can think of – category pages, about pages, profile pages and other stuff.

Now whilst this is not hardcore spam by any means (that is filtered out from the outset), it’s not high quality. What has this got to do with captcha sites? Well the reason that these sites put captchas up to begin with is to combat spam – high volume, low quality submissions. The best sites out there use captchas. These sites are maintained by real human beings who monitor what gets submitted and if it does not meet their standards the submission is usually deleted – and often, the account that submitted it will be deleted also.

As we use our own internal accounts for our submissions, it is of utmost importance that our accounts never get deleted or they take with them the backlinks submitted under that account! So before we start adding good quality, high PR sites to our system we have got to be even more careful about the quality of the content that we submit.

But at the same time, we also have a bunch of lower quality sites – the PR1’s and PR2s that don’t really mind the lower quality content and we want to keep those in too because bulk links can still be useful – it all adds to the variety of your backlink profile.

So, if you read my last post I explained that we’re going to be using a system of captcha ‘credits’ to make these submissions. Pro members will get a credit package free every month as part of their Pro subscription but Light members will need to purchase a credit package in order to submit to these sites.

We are still going ahead with this idea, but with one small change… in that post I said that 1 credit = one link submitted to one site regardless of PR. What we are going to do instead is factor in the PR of the submission. So whilst a submission to a PR1 site might be worth just 1 credit, submission to a PR4 site, would require more credits.

We don’t have the actual numbers figured out yet but the general idea will be that you’ll be able to choose how to spend your credits. If you have some lower quality links that you want to submit, you might blast those out to the lower PR sites and you’ll be able to get more links as a result. If you want to submit to the higher PR sites, they’ll cost more credits, so you won’t be able to submit as many links.

This will encourage members to submit only the highest quality content to the highest PR sites which will in turn ensure that those sites are only getting great content from IMAutomator submissions, and will not be flooded with low quality submissions. It’s a win all around.

With that in mind, we are going to be incorporating a wide variety of captcha sites and not just the highest PR ones so you’ll have more choice. Once we have around 15-20 sites tested and working, then we’ll figure out the actual numbers for the credit system and it actually get it implemented so you can use it!

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