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A Server Issue Found, Problem Hopefully Resolved

Our host found a problem with a firewall that was running on the server and causing some packet loss when trying to ping the server. This firewall has now been upgraded to the latest version which has stopped the packet loss. I’m not 100% convinced that this is the cause of the problems over the last few days as that firewall has always been there so if you still continue to have issues please let me know and I shall keep the host guys on the problem.

Server Issues Being Investigated

There have been reports over the weekend of some problems with the IMAutomator server. I am not seeing this myself and the engine seems to be running as normal so I have passed it on to the host for them to investigate what the issue is.

How to Submit Your RSS Feed Automatically For Continous Backlinks

In this post I’ll discuss how you can use ingenious online tools to submit your RSS feed automatically so that you can bring in a continuous stream of backlinks to your content over time.

How to submit your RSS feed automatically

IMAutomator is a suite of tools designed to automate the process of building backlinks and it includes an RSS feed submitter. It could not be simpler to use – you simply tell it the URL of your RSS feed along with some additional information such as a title, description & some tags, then you select the sites you wish to submit to and click the submit button. The whole process take about a minute!

To obtain credits to use with IMAutomator you can either create a free account and just purchase a one-off credit pack or if you have content that you wish to submit on an on-going basis using their other tools such as the social bookmarking submitter tool and the article submission tool then you will be better off with one of the subscription plans which work out cheaper than the credit packs.

How RSS Feed submission works to create backlinks

RSS feed directories work a little differently to regular web directories as they are designed specifically for RSS feeds. When you submit your feed, the directory doesn’t just store a link to the feed, it crawls the feed pulling out all of the links inside it. It is these links that it makes available for searching in its directory. The wonderful thing about RSS feeds is that they are automatically updated whenever you add content so you don’t have to go around resubmitting your RSS feed every time you add something – the process is automatic!

As long as the feed you are submitting is a feed to content which is being added to and updated then every time you post new content to that feed, every RSS directory that you submitted the feed to will automatically get the new content and create the backlink to it. It’s a great value way to create backlinks because that one single submission creates backlinks forever!

Using software such as IMAutomator to help you submit your RSS feed automatically is a massive time saver. You don’t have to do the research to find directories to submit to and then spend the time to go around making each individual submission – you submit just once to IMAutomator and their submission engine does the rest! Furthermore, you can have those submissions drip-fed slowly over time to be more search engine friendly.

Secondary Submissions Tweak

I’ve had a couple of people experiencing trouble with the Secondary Submissions tool and have made a small tweak to it accordingly.

When you generate a report it will give you a list of jobs starting at the Job ID you selected (defaults to the first 20 jobs) and then it has a column named ‘Nr Subs’ which is the number of Secondary submissions available for that job. If it’s a newly submitted job or you’ve recently run a batch on it, it might be 0 in which case that job is finished for now.

The issue is that it still allowed you to select it and so it was possible to select all jobs with 0’s which does nothing – this would simply display the ‘Generate Report’ screen again. So it looks like a bug.

What I have now done is for any job with 0 subs available, the row is dimmed out in a gray color and the checkbox is disabled so you cannot actually select it. Hopefully that should make the functionality a little clearer.

If you generate a report and all the jobs come up with 0’s, try again with a higher job ID. If they are still all 0’s then you’re done with that job type for now. Try again in a week or so when new sites might have been added.

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