Monthly Archives: May 2012

IMAutomator Now Has Full Spintax Support!

IMAutomator now supports Spintax on every one of the 4 submission tools so it is now available for all members – Light & Pro alike! All of the submission tools work in exactly the same way so we now have a training article explaining how to use it in the general section of the training page.

Note that due to the different way in which Spintax jobs are stored and handled in the database, previous regular jobs cannot be edited to have spintax put on them. You have to choose the spinning type when creating a new job. However, I know a lot of existing members have been waiting for this particular functionality for some time so I can offer a workaround for those who would like to re-submit their existing (incomplete) jobs with spintax.

Firstly, delete the regular jobs that you wish to replace with spintax versions. If they are articles, as these do not contain a URL you may simply go ahead and create new Spintax jobs for those articles right away. For other job types, I will need to remove the lock on those jobs so that you are able to re-submit them. Once you have deleted the jobs in question, please contact me via the contact form and I can remove the locks for you. You will then be able to re-submit the jobs.


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