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Spinning Now on Directory Submitter

Today we’ve extended the Spintax functionality to include the Directory submitter – only RSS left to do now! It works the same as all the others, training articles to follow in due course.

Spinning – Please Ensure {} Groups Are Properly Closed

We have noticed a problem in a few cases where the spintax that has been submitted has not been properly closed. This seems to happen in extreme cases where there is so much spintax in the source text that it exceeds the maximum field size and gets truncated.

We have extended the size of the input fields to accomodate spintax (they are three times larger) but there are still limits so before submitting your jobs please ensure that your text fields are fully entered and have not been truncated. Note that jobs will only be spun enough to as many versions as there are sites, which for articles is currently 49, so if you’re submitting content designed to be spun to 1000+ unique versions for example, that could be too large for our input fields.

What happens in this case is that the spinning is aborted and the field is submitted as-is, containing the spintax which is obviously not desired.

It should be possible for us to implement a syntax checker that will prevent submission in this case but for the meantime just double check your jobs before submitting.

If you know you have a lot of spintax you may wish to check your existing jobs. You can also fix the problem yourself manually by editing your jobs to see if they are truncated and if so, just remove the last sentence that is cut off. We are going through and doing this for jobs as we find them but if members could fix their own jobs that would save us a little time 🙂

Bookmark Spinning is Live!

After ironing out a few minor glitches with the Article spinning functionality, it has now been implemented on the Bookmarker which is of course available to ALL members – both Light and Pro.

I haven’t put up a training article yet but if you read the one for the Article spinner that I posted yesterday it works in exactly the same way.

Spinning support for the Directory and RSS tools will be following in due course!

Fixed a Couple of Spinning Bugs

We found a couple of minor issues with the Article Spinner that was released a few days ago. The maximum size permitted for fields has now been increased on spintax jobs to allow for all the extra word combinations, an error with spintax detection in a non-spintax bug has been fixed and we’ve also increased the storage capacity as we’d under-estimated it and it was only storing about 20 article versions for longer articles.

Other than that, it is looking good and the next tool to get it will be the Bookmarker which will of course allow all of the Light members to use spintax as well as the Pro members.

Article Spinning is Live!

After an extremely long delay, I’m very pleased to announce that the Article Spinning functionality is now live! Obviously this only affects Pro members right now but once it has been given a bit of a test drive, that same functionality will be rolled out to all other tools, starting with the Bookmark Submitter!

A new training article has been added to the training page so please go ahead and read that to find out exactly how it works.

Note that spintax can only be applied to new jobs. If you try to edit an existing job and add spintax to it you will get an error message.

Server Issues Resolved

The server issue reported yesterday has now been resolved, and all jobs are being processed normally. Any of the jobs that had previously been rescheduled will now be processed within the next 12 hours.

Apologies for any inconvenience caused. We will be looking for a new server host!

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