Monthly Archives: March 2012

Temporary Server Problem Workaround

Following from my past post, as a temporary workaround, we have been able to isolate the problem and prevent the engine from submitting jobs that are on the problematic server until the problem is resolved but to continue to process all other jobs as normal.

Only selected bookmark jobs are affected and these are simply being rescheduled for 12 hours from the submission time in the hope that the server will be back up in 12 hours time. If not, the jobs will be rescheduled again. We are still waiting to hear back from the server tech support…. I think we need to find a better hosting company!

Again, apologies for the inconvenience caused.

Server Issues, Submission Engine Paused

I’m sad to report that once again we’re having a problem with one of our servers – the problem actually is worse than last time and it has caused the submission engine to stop. We’ve submitted an urgent support ticket to the hosting company and hope it will be resolved quickly.

In the meantime, submissions are not being processed so the last submission report you will see is the 31st March. However you can still go ahead and submit new jobs as normal and these will not be affected.

I shall of course post on here when I have an update on the situation. Apologies for the inconvenience.

RSS Submitter Extended to Include Blog Directories

Until now our RSS submitter only submitted to specific RSS directories – those that only wanted the URL of an actual RSS feed. However, many RSS feeds pertain to blogs and there are lots of blog directories around so we’ve extended our RSS submitter to submit to those too. We have just one at the moment, BlogCatalog but of course we’ll be adding some more in due course.

There is one small change to the submission form. Now, in additional to entering the URL of your RSS feed, you will also have an input field to enter the URL of the your blog, if applicable. This is an optional field so if your RSS feed is not a blog simply leave this field blank.

When the job is scheduled, the submitter will check to see if you’ve entered something for the blog field and if you have it will submit to all RSS sites in the system including the Blog Directories. If that field is blank, it simply skips the Blog Directories.

No change is required for existing jobs as these have already been scheduled.

Server Problems With Private Sites Again

I’m very sorry to report that our brand new server that has only been installed about a week or so ago is having problems again. This server hosts our own private sites which we have quite a few of now and this issue is causing mainly server errors for the submissions. Obviously we’ve contacted the host and asked them to resolve the matter urgently.

I can only apologise for the inconvenience!

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