Monthly Archives: October 2011

Domain Blacklisting Now in Effect for Spammers

In addition to our warning system for those who submit spam to IMAutomator, we have now introduced a blacklisting system. Some spam is somewhat borderline – it may be an innapropriate article on a site that covers many subjects but other spam is due to the entire site itself being unsuitable – such as a porn site. In these cases, in addition to the spam warning being placed on the account, the domain of the Job URL will be added to a blacklist to prevent anything from that domain from being submitted to IMAutomator in future.

Improved SPAM Handling

We have had a rudimentary spam handling system in place for some months now but there was no indication for members of the offending jobs. Now, if you get a spam warning you will actually see a table showing the jobs that have been flagged which should clear up any confusion. On rare occasions a genuine job is falsely marked as spam so if you think that has been the case you will be able to contact support and request that the incident be investigated.

Note that this new display system has only been activated today. If you have not logged into the site for a while and have jobs marked as spam from before today you will still get a warning but will not see the specific jobs.

The warning system is as before – if any jobs are flagged, you will need to verify that you understand the guidelines before being able to submit any more jobs and this will put a permanent warning against your account. 3 strikes and the account is blocked with all jobs permanently deleted.

Suggest a Site Page Removed

It seems that putting huge red text in the middle of the suggest a site page still didn’t mean people would read that text! I’m still getting people submit random links to the page and of the tiny handful of genuine bookmarking sites that were submitted, all were PR0 and people just selected PR1! Thus, this is only wasting my time with useless submissions and I have removed the page.

Suggest a Site – Clarification

A few people have used the new Suggest a Site page after it was added yesterday but there seems to be some confusion as to what it was for. This is for you to suggest sites to be included as part of the social bookmarking system – such as a Social Bookmarking site or an Article Directory. We’ve had some people try to use this page to post their bookmarks! I’ll modify the text on the page to hopefully clear up any confusion!

Suggest a site to IMAutomator

We quite often get emails from either members or site owners who would like their sites to be incorporated into IMAutomator. We’ve now made it a little easier to suggest sites to us by creating a Suggest a Site form. Please note that we will only accept sites that have some PageRank so if you have a PR0 site please wait until it has gained some PR before submitting.

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