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IMPORTANT! Member Rollback – Some New Accounts Lost

We experienced a data corruption problem with our member table and have had to restore it from a backup taken approximately 10 hours ago. Those new members who joined within the last few hours will find that they can login but it will appear as though their jobs have been wiped – you will need to re-submit your jobs again. Apologies for the inconvenience!

Existing members should not be affected in any way.

Spinning Is Almost Here!

The content spinning feature was put on hold for quite a while as we dealt with some proxy problems and gave our database tuneup but you’ll be pleased to hear that we’re almost ready to start rolling it out!

This is going to be done in phases so that we can fully test as we go along. To begin with, we will be supporting just the Spintax format as this is what was most highly voted by members in our poll. Rotation will come later.

We will start by implementing Spintax for Articles only. Once that has been fully tested we will roll it out to the other tools. We expect to put out the first version on Thursday. In the meantime you can read our <a href=”/info/articles/imautomator/spintax-tutorial”>Spintax Tutorial</a>.

Not all members will want to use the spinning feature and we are being careful to ensure that no added complication is added in this case. The submission form will have three new buttons at the top to select the format – Basic, Spintax or Rotation. The default will be Basic which is exactly as it is now. So if you wish to continue to submit a single article which will be submitted to all sites as it is, nothing will change.

Keep an eye on this blog for further developments!

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