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Database Maintenance Complete

The database maintenance is now complete and everything looks good. When you login, please check your jobs and ensure that everything looks as it should. If you experience any problems please <a href=”/support”>contact support</a>.

For those of you who submit daily and have missed out on submissions due to the downtime, perform all of your submissions for today and then contact support and we shall reset your counter so that you can perform a second batch of submissions.

Database Maintenance Will Take Longer Than Expected

We kicked off the database upgrade script last night shortly after midnight GMT but unfortunately it dropped power to the server quite early on so did not get very far. We have now restarted it at 8am GMT but we’re still on the same estimates as yesterday which is at least 12 hours for the scripts to run and then some testing time.

Apologies for the down time – this is essential maintenance that will improve performance of the site in many ways. We’ll keep you informed…

Database Maintenance Now Underway

As per our last couple of posts, the extended database maintenance has now begun.

Database Maintenance May Be Brought Foward

We are continuing to prepare for the extended database maintenance and we’ve now estimated that it could take more than 12 hours to run the main scripts and further time will still be needed for testing. Therefore we’re hoping to start earlier than planned, at around 7pm GMT time instead.

We may be lucky and the scripts may run much faster when the members are not using the system at the same time but we’d rather over-estimate than under!

Extended Database Maintenance Tomorrow 31st May

Tomorrow we are going to be performing a major update to the database structure which we estimate will take at least 8 hours to run and some further time will be required for testing. During this time the site will be in maintenance mode so you will not be able to access your jobs.

We will posts here on the blog when the update starts, and when it has completed. As the downtime will be the majority of a day, once the site is back up we’ll implement a mechanism to allow members to submit additional jobs to make up for the lost submission time.

The submission engine will not be running during the update and so expect submissions to be delayed by a few hours.

Database Tuneup Work This Week

IMAutomator continues to grow (we reached 10 million submissions a couple of days ago!) and with the increased volume of data, the performance can slow down. This week we’re going to be working on optimising the database and during this time the submission engine may possibly get a little behind and the site is likely to be in maintenance mode from time to time. We’ll let you know if any extended periods of downtime are expected.

Bookmark Site Restoration Begun

Following on from yesterday’s post, we have now begun the process of restoring the internal bookmark sites that went down a couple of days ago. We were not happy with the way that our current host handled the situation so made the decision to change hosts.

This new host is now setup and we’re in the process of migrating each of the sites. Most should be done today and the remaining ones will be done on Monday. For Pro members submitting links over the next few days, don’t forget to use the Secondary Submissions tool next week to pick up the additional backlinks once all the sites are restored. Free members won’t be affected as we’ve put the sites on trial so they will not be chosen for the 15 free submissions.

Internal Book Site Network Down – Temporarily on Trial

We have been running an experiment over the last couple of months to build our own network of bookmark sites and see how they perform over time. We’ve had a problem yesterday where the host that serves them had a power outtage and all of them went down.

Unfortunately they have not yet resolved the issue and so we have put these sites back into trial mode on a temporary basis until it is fixed. We have not been happy with this particular host so if they do not sort the problem very quickly we will have to move to another which will mean some extra time will be required to migrate the sites to the new host.

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