Yearly Archives: 2010

New Fields for RSS Submitter

The RSS submitter now works a bit more like the Bookmarker and requires that you enter a Title, description and some tags for your feed. There is an extract button which will pull in the Title & Description for you on most feeds.

These additional fields will allow us to submit to more complex RSS sites so expect more sites to be added soon.

IMAutomator Pro Now Available

Release 1.0 of IMAutomator has now been completed. This includes an RSS Feed Submitter tool and introduces the Pro version of IMAutomator.

Free members have access to a cut down version of the Social Bookmark Submitter which will submit to 15 of the full list of sites. Pro members have access to the full bookmarker and the RSS tool as well.

Only a handful of places remain for IMAutomator Pro so upgrade now to take advantage!

New Feature: Automatic Reschedule of Server Failures

Occasionally some of the supported sites can be a little temperamental and the submission fails due to some kind of server error. Most of the time they are fine.

The automatic reschedule feature will check why a submission failed and if it was due to a server error will reschedule the submission for the next day. If a submission fails 3 times it will be logged as a permanent failure.

This feature should increase the overall success rate of the submissions. Other errors are logged and investigated so improvements to the submission process can continually be made.

Title, Description & Tags Extract Button

A much requested feature has been for IMAutomator to pull in the title, description and tags (using the keywords) from the URL that you wish to bookmark.

This has now been implemented. When you add a bookmark, after entering the URL to bookmark, you may click a button which will pull in the additional fields which you are then free to edit as you wish. You can of course ignore the extract button and just enter your own data manually.

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