Monthly Archives: December 2010

Release 2 Set For January 31st

We’re being a little brave an announcing our intended launch date for Release 2 to be 31st January 2011. This is not set in stone as there are always delays in software but we’re certainly on a mission to launch on that date!

Release 2 will contain 2 new submission tools which will be incorporated into the site over the next few weeks and then we’ll be spending time putting in as many supported sites as possible for all of the tools.

The price will be increasing for Release 2 and due to today’s little leak thanks to Paypal we are well over-subscribed for Release 1 so no more Pro memberships will be available which means that those of you who got in this morning are the last few lucky ones – everyone else will have to pay the higher price 🙂

PRO Version Opened in Error

We’ve had a problem with Paypal again where the renewals that are due on the 31st (which is most of them), are delayed thus the membership system thinks the memberships have expired and as a result opens up a bunch of new places! We’ve had a lot of new signups in the last few hours in error. We will of course honor these places but with the launch of Release 2 due shortly we have put in a lock down of Pro memberships so no new places will open up between now and the launch of Release 2!

Secondary Submissions now LIVE

Now that we have the new (faster!) submission engine in place, our system can handle a greater workload and we are able to introduce a great new feature for Pro members called Secondary Submissions that allows existing links to be re-submitted to any new sites that were added to IMAutomator since the original submission. This could add up to thousands of new links!

Please read our article on secondary submissions to learn more about how it works. We’ll shortly be posting a video to accompany the article.

New Submission Engine Now Live

The new submission engine that has been in the works for a very long time is finally live! All existing jobs have been migrated to the new engine which has the capacity to be able to run many more jobs than the previous one. This will allow us to introduce the secondary submissions feature allowing Pro members to resubmit their existing links to any new sites that have been added since the original submission.

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