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Welcome to IMAutomator - fully automated social bookmarking software that allows you to build links in just moments of your time.

IMAutomator is online social bookmarking software that runs completely on auto-pilot. There's no setup, no creation of accounts, no solving of captcha's - we do all of that for you! All you need to do is submit your content to us, select a speed of submission and then sit back and let the backlinks roll in. We also offer a Directory submitter.

Go ahead and watch the very short introductory video on left to see just how fast & easy IMAutomator is to use.

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How It Works & Pricing

IMAutomator operates using Submission Credits. Every site in the system has a credit cost based on the strength of the domain. Various metrics are used to guage this strength such as Moz Domain Authority, Moz Rank, Moz Trust, Ahrehs Domain Rank and Majestic Trust Flow. When you submit a job you choose exactly which sites you want to submit to and thus control exactly how many credits you are spending on each one. We offer 5 levels of membership which all offer a number of monthly submission credits. The credits become progressively cheaper as you move up the plans thus offering greater value for money.

Click here to see our current sites list and their credit costs

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  • Free Trial

  • $0

    per month

    100 free credits

  • 0
  • $1.60 - $3.00*
  • 16
  • 22
  • Level 1

  • $12

    per month

    $2.40 / 100 credits

  • 500
  • $2.40
  • 16
  • 22
  • Level 2

  • $25

    per month

    $2.00 / 100 credits

  • 1,250
  • $2.00
  • 16
  • 22
  • Level 3

  • $50

    per month

    $1.25 / 100 credits

  • 4,000
  • $1.25
  • 16
  • 22
  • Level 4

  • $100

    per month

    $1.15 / 100 credits

  • 8,700
  • $1.15
  • 16
  • 22
  • Level 5

  • $250

    per month

    $1.00 / 100 credits

  • 25,000
  • $1.00
  • 16
  • 22

* Example: $12 Credit Pack - 400 Credits, $3.00 per 100 credits. $12, $30, $50 & $100 packs available

Massive 40% Discount! Limited Time Offer: Enter Coupon Code 293CDC2F on Signup Form

How Does the Free Trial Work?

Anyone is able to create a free account and all new members will receive an email within about an hour of joining that contains a credit code worth 100 credits. You are then free to spend those credits however you wish in order to try out the software.

If you like the software and would like to submit more, you can sign up to one of our monthly plans as shown above or simply buy one of our credit packs which allow you to purchase credits as and when you need them without any monthly committment.

Payment Details

Your IMAutomator subscription plan is setup through Paypal which means that you are in control of your payment and can cancel at any time without needing to go through IMAutomator. When you first signup to one of the plans, your credit allocation will be made immediately so you can start making submissions right away. From then on, new credits will be allocated within 24 hours of the monthly payment coming through.

What if I want to change which plan I am on?

You may change plans at any time. Your existing credits have already been purchased so they remain untouched and the new credit allocation for your newly selected plan will be made immediately. We will ensure that your previous subscription plan is cancelled in Paypal so you only ever have one active at a time.

What if I want to cancel my membership?

If you choose to sign up to one of our monthly plans, your subscription with a Paypal account. If you decide that IMAutomator is not for you, you may cancel at any time by simply going into your Paypal account and canceling the IMAutomator subscription. Once the billing period for your last payment expires your account will no longer be accessible. However, if you still have credits remaining you are welcome to create a free account which will never expire and then you can come back and use your remaining credits whenever you wish.

What happens to my submissions if I cancel?

You have already paid the credits for all submissions made so they just continue being processed as normal. You can create a free account so that you can come back to the site and check of their progress at any time. We do purge old jobs from inactive accounts after a period of time but only jobs that are not still being processed and you can prevent this by logging into your account at least once every 30 days.

What if a submission fails - do I still pay for that?

No, you only ever pay for a successful submission! When you first submit a job to IMAutomator we charge you the credit cost for each site you have selected from your credit balance. Then over time as the individual submissions for that job are processed they are marked as a success or failure. In the event that a submission fails, the credits for that site are refunded to your balance.

What if I run out of credits? Can I get more?

Yes you have two options here. If you feel like the current plan you have chosen does not provide you with enough credits you can simply upgrade to a different plan. The credits for this new plan will be applied immediately. Alternative, if you just want a boost to your credits without changing your plan you can purchase a credit pack from the members area. These can be bought at any time and do not affect your subscription.

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